aggiungi a preferiti Iso: employmemt as a diesel mechanic/shop manager/construction foreman (Dickinson) nascondi post mostra

Hey, im currently looking for a job within the diesel mechanic/shop manager construction supervisor/foreman fields.
I live in dickinson currently.

***most interested in a field tech position**

Im more than willing to relocate, if my way is paid for.

I have well over 6 years experience.
Ive ran shops, worked on all sorts of semi, and heavy equipment, diesel/gas generators ect.

I can work on just about anything.
Whether it be electrical, hydraulic, engine overhaul, ect.

I have tools, and a fully loaded service truck. I can also weld.

I prefer a field position, as i dont like to stay in a shop 24/7.
I currently have a job, making good money, but id like to work elsewhere.

$25/hr plus.
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