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DRH AG Services offers a proprietary unique and affordable line of Foilar Feed Fertilizers and soil amendment products that has been saving farmers and ranchers money since 2010, while increasing yields across the board. We Stared out in a 1000 square feet feed store in Eddy Texas and now have over 40 dealers in 14 different states.

Texas Pasture Plus 15-5-5 - Designed for Bermuda grass but works great on Cotton, Corn, Wheat, Beans, Grapes and Oats

Kentucky Legume Max 4-8-8 - Designed for Alfalfa but works great on on Clover, Peas, Vetch, potatoes, Ornamentals and hunting food plots.

Texas Pasture Plus Organic- No other organic product on the market offers you higher N-P-K or better results.

Liquid Lime and Liquid Sulfur

Texas Pasture Plus 15-5-5 Is a true Foilar Feed which means the N-P-K are absorbed through the leaf of your plant. The Urea in this product is liquefied, frozen and thawed numerous times While we add Humic, Folic, Amino, and organic Acids. This process breaks the urea molecules down to 100th there original size and does away with any filler and bonding materials allowing the urea to easily absorb into any leaf. The acids then get into your soil activating dormant microbial life and feeding your living microbes. Which aids in water and fertilizer retention, increases root mass and vitality, buffers PH levels and stimulates plant enzymes which helps plant survive times of drought or flood stress. We also add in a micronutrient package that includes Iron, Copper, Manganese, Boron and Zinc in perfect proportions to make your grass grow. We always recommended doubling the rate of this product and putting it out to a rate that would equal a 30-10-10 or 45-15-15 which can be done at a cost of $9.00 to $12.50.

Kentucky Legume Max 4-8-8 goes though the same rigors as the 15-5-5 product in the manufacturing process allowing the N-P-K to be absorbed directly into the leaves. The difference is we cut the nitrogen way back and add as much Phosphate and Potash as we possibly can and still keep a liquid state when we add the micronutrients. All legumes make their own nitrogen but still need the P and K and they will perform much better when we add nitrogen in key growth stages. Putting directly in the leaves gives us the fastest absorption with minimal crop damage. We keep all the same acids in this product and add a lot more boron and Zinc which Alfalfa craves. You can put this product out at a rate of 10-22-22 at a cost 12.50 to 16.50 an acre.

Texas Pasture Plus Organic is truly unique in the organic fertilizer World because we have NPK numbers as high as 14-8-8. The state makes me call this Bio-Stimulant because it is living product and always changing. We start with OMRI listed Molasses, Fish Emulsion Oil, Liquid Seaweed, Chicken Manure and Sea Salt. We then add A proprietary blend of powerful second generation microbes like none other on the market and let this product ferment until we finally get these high numbers other companies try to achieve. This product is designed for bare ground our crops no taller than 12" because we want the microbes to get to your soil. It can be used on large garden plants our taller potted plants where you can water the base . This product is being used from Maine on blackberries to South Texas on wheat. Customers use it on everything from sugar beets to grapes and blackberries. And of course hay fields. Apply one quart to the acre cost you 12.50 per acre gets as low as 9.00 with bulk orders.

Liquid Lime apply 1 quart to acre to change pH level 1% point in less than a week for around $11.00. this product changes your ph in the first six inces of soil and has to be done yearly. traditional lime methods take 9 months to see a difference and can take 2 tons to the acre for the same results.

Liquid Sulfur apply a qaurt to the acre to get the 3 lbs of sulfur. green up fast and balance PH for 11.00 per acre.
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